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Downloading Your Investment Documents

You can access your statements, tax documents and other reports securely from your investor portal.

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Your investor portal securely hosts a range of important documents relating to your investment, including:

  • Statements

  • Executed Subscription documents

  • Tax documents, including 1099-INTs and K-1s

  • Asset updates from your Investment Manager

You can filter for documents by the investment account used, date, or opportunity. There are also document categories available to help you easily locate documents that have been uploaded to your investor portal.

Downloading Investment Documents

To view the list of available documents or download your documents please complete the following:

  1. Log into your investor portal

  2. Click Investments from your Overview page

3. Click on an investment under Active and Realized Investments that you'd like to view or click Documents from the top menu.

4. Search for a document using the available filters or menu

5. Select one or more documents

6. Click Download

7. The document will begin downloading, as shown in the example below

If you used the download button located on the right of the document's name, your download will be in PDF format immediately. Please note that this method is not intended for bulk document downloads.

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