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Learn how to read your Investor Statement of Account

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Statements generated within the Investor Portal will provide reports on the following information:

  • Performance metrics for your account.

  • Opening and closing market value for the account.

  • Sum of each type of account activity that took place within the period.

  • Detail of the account’s current holdings.

We'll use an example statement to get an overview of how information is organized on an Investor Portal statement.

The Basics

The first section will contain information about the investment fund and the offering, and the period covered by the statement:

Below that will be some basic account information, and any statement period highlights.

Reconciliation for the Period

This area will contain the beginning balance of the first day of the period, the ending balance for the last day, and everything that happened in between. This will typically include items like add-on contributions or withdrawals/redemptions, fees, net income, and distributions (whether reinvested or paid out):


This section will list all holdings that the account had in the offering during the period, displaying the ending value. Holdings examples may include secured notes, temp notes and membership units.

Holdings information will continue on the second page of the statement if necessary to reflect all information, as below:

Note that holdings with a “0” market value may be listed on the statement. For instance, if the Temp Note in this image had been exchanged on the last day of the period, it would then have displayed as a zero dollar value instead, since again, the holdings will capture the period-end data:


This portion of the statement displays transactional information for the account during the period.

Additional activity items may be visible in your Investor Portal, but note that statement will only display transactional activity occurring within the specific statement period.

Footnotes and Other

Any explanatory footnotes or other legal information that your manager wishes to include will display at the bottom of your statement:

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