Connecting with HubSpot
You can connect HubSpot, one of the largest and most powerful CRM solutions in the world, to your investor portal!
Written by Aidee Barron
Updated over a week ago

Once connected, you'll be able to do the following in HubSpot:

  • Keep track of which contacts have an Investor Portal user (tagged as a "Verivest" user by the portal).

  • View session activity when a contact logs in and visits different pages in your investor portal.

  • Filter your contacts by offering, whether they are currently invested in the offering, or still in the investment process.

  • Dynamically target your contacts based on their their accounts in your offerings, and send them updates or marketing emails.

  • Create automated marketing workflows with triggers based on information passed directly from your investor portal (requires HubSpot upgrade).

  • Track Timeline events, including when investors add new contributions, or a redemption is processed.

If you already have a HubSpot account, and you want to connect your investor portal to your HubSpot Account, login to your Manager Dashboard.

Select Settings and HubSpot Integration. Click the Connect with HubSpot button and follow the prompts.

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