You can manage investments during your capital raise from the Investments page in the manager dashboard.

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All Investments will appear in the Investments page in the manager dashboard.

Click on any investment to view the investment progress, contact details, distribution preference, manually verify an investor or to change the investment amount.

This investment tab also displays the investment status for all of your investors investments. This makes it easy for you to follow and track the progress of each investment.

You can edit or delete any pledge that has yet to sign documents.

Please note that completed investments cannot be deleted.

Deleting a Pledge/Investment:

Click on “edit” or “delete” after selecting a pledge, to make changes or remove that pledge completely.

Reversing a contribution:

If your investor wants to back out of their investment, you’ll need to reverse their contribution in order to delete their investment.

Follow the steps below to get this done:

First, visit the investments tab & click on the desired investor & then click on the “X” that appears on the right of the contribution (pictured below)

The edit and delete buttons pictured above, are not active & won’t be active (clickable) until you’ve reversed the contribution.

Click “reverse” & confirm this action (pictured below)

You can now continue to edit or delete the investment.

💡 If you cannot delete an investment, verify that the investment hasn’t been completed and that you’ve reversed the contribution.

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