What does being Verivest Verified mean?

Working with Sponsors who are Verivest Verified means investing in private real estate deals with a confidence never before available.

All sponsors Verified by Verivest have:

  • No personal or business bankruptcy petitions for controlling principals of the sponsor in the past seven years.

  • No unfavorably resolved lawsuits involving allegations of fraud or similar misconduct made by investors.

  • No regulatory sanctions in the past seven years.

  • No felony criminal convictions in past seven years.

  • Signed the Verivest Code of Conduct.

What does Investor Capital Managed (ICM) mean?

ICM is the total amount of equity or debt purchased by investors into currently active investment vehicles for a Sponsor.

What is Track Record Verification?

For those Sponsors who choose to have their Track Record verified, Verivest reviews a variety of source materials deemed reasonability reliable, to confirm the information provided by Sponsors.

For some Members, this may involve a review of third-party audit reports, a third party administrator’s records (including Verivest’s own records) or similar materials by other parties Verivest believes to be reliable and reputable who have already reviewed relevant aspects of a Member’s track record.

If Verivest concludes that these materials are sufficiently trustworthy to reasonably conclude that the Member has accurately reported specific elements of its track record, Verivest will deem those elements verified, and indicate that with a pink checkmark next to that aspect of the Member’s track record.

Any element with either a grey checkmark or no checkmark at all have NOT been verified, either because they were not selected for verification or because Verivest attempted to verify them but could not.

How do I contact a Sponsor?

To contact a Sponsor, click on their Sponsor profile and click Connect to send an email directly to the Sponsor.

How do I invest?

Once you have located an Opportunity you wish to invest in, click Invest to begin the Investment Wizard. For help and support visit out investing guide.

Need help? Contact support@verivest.com

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