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Investor FAQs

Frequently asked questions from investors

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Who is Verivest?

Verivest is a comprehensive real estate investment platform that focuses on transparency and trust in middle-market investing. We act as a third-party provider for Fund Managers who engage our services for fund administration or use our software for record-keeping and managing investor data.

If you have received an invitation email asking you to set up an account to view and manage your investment accounts through our platform, it means that the investment manager handling your investment(s) utilizes our services.

πŸŽ‰ You now have access to a one-stop-shop portal where you can view and manage investment accounts that have been initiated or imported into our platform.

What does being Verivest Verified mean?

Working with managers who are Verivest Verified means investing in private real estate deals with a confidence never before available.

All sponsors Verified by Verivest have:

  • No personal or business bankruptcy petitions for controlling principals of the manager in the past seven years.

  • No unfavorably resolved lawsuits involving allegations of fraud or similar misconduct made by investors.

  • No regulatory sanctions in the past seven years.

  • No felony criminal convictions in past seven years.

  • Signed the Verivest Code of Conduct.

What does Investor Capital Managed (ICM) mean?

ICM is the total amount of equity or debt purchased by investors into currently active investment vehicles for an investment manager.

What is a Track Record?

A track record is a quantitative spreadsheet or list of records that go over key financial metrics for any or all assets an investment manager has deployed capital into. Verivest encourages all investment manager who use our platform, to upload supporting documents to their profile. Doing so can help investors gain the confidence to move forward with their pledge.

How can I view the profiles of the managers I have invested with or viewed?

After logging into your investor portal, you will immediately land on the profile overview of the manager with whom you've invested.

How do I contact my Fund Manager?

The investor portal provides investors with two methods to reach out to an investment manager. The first method is presented when clicking on "Opportunities," selecting an opportunity, and then clicking "Contact Investment Manager." This will prompt an email form where you can enter a custom message and send it directly to your fund manager.

The second method simply provides the email address of your fund manager. To access this option, go to your Manager's profile. In the Overview section, you will find their contact details displayed on their profile banner.

πŸ’‘If you want to connect with a specific manager whom you haven't invested with, please contact our Support team at or reach out to the Investment Manager directly for a link to their profile.

How do I invest?

To view open opportunities, click on the "Opportunities" menu located at the top of your investor portal. Once you have located an opportunity you wish to invest in, click on "Invest" to begin the guided Investment Wizard.

How do I login to view my investor portal?

To access your investor portal, please use the direct link provided by your investment manager or the link that you received in your welcome email. If you need help obtaining the direct profile link for your Fund Manager, please email us for assistance at

Here is an example of the welcome email that investors receive:

πŸ—£ Having trouble logging in? Click here to reset your password.

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