Creating and Posting Investor Statements
How to create and post regular statements for your Investors.
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Please note: this article is intended for self-service clients who do not engage Verivest for Fund Administration or Investor Servicing.

Statements are prepared and sent from your manager dashboard, under Offerings.

Once you have allocated and distributed your funds, you can generate and publish statements for investors.

Select Statements from the Offerings menu > Generate statements.

Enter the name of the statement set, beginning and ending dates and check "only show accounts that have activity for the statement period" (if applicable). Select Next.

Select some or all of the accounts you wish to generate statements for. Select Next.

Select the items you wish to customize on your statements, including which return information to include, any footnotes and the abbreviation for the file name. Select Next.

Review your selections and then select Submit to generate statements.

You can now download to review all statements or individual statements. Once you are ready to publish to all investors, select Publish.

You have the option to notify investors via email there is a new statement available. Select Apply Changes to complete.

Once complete your statement set will show as Published.

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