Investor Transfers
Understand the process for transferring investor holdings to another account.
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What is a Transfer?

A transfer is the moving of investor holdings from one account to another account in the investor portal. Transfers are done for a variety of reasons, such as death, divorce, change in account type or moving funds from one IRA Custodian to another.

When can a transfer be processed?

Timing is key. A transfer should not be processed until the prior period is closed. This is to ensure the number of units shown on the new Subscription Agreement and/or transfer agreement is accurate on the effective date of the transfer.

What documentation is required?

  • You'll need to have your investor create the new account before starting this process. You can also reach out to our Support team for assistance with creating the new account.

⭐Custodied Accounts: before initiating a transfer, contact the Custodian of the investment to confirm their process and requirements for transfers. The process may differ depending on Custodian and/or account type.

Next Steps

To initiate a transfer, send the executed transfer agreement and account number for the new account to your Fund Administration team for processing.

Include the account number which always starts with an “M” (Example: M6642-xxxx)

You can locate an account number by visiting the Accounts tab, select an account name & then you’ll see the investors details. From there, click the copy button next to the account number.

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