Add a New Investment Account (without investing)
Getting ready to invest but don't have a deal identified? Create a new investment account.
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To participate in investment opportunities listed on our platform, you need to create an investment account. The process is simple. This article provides a detailed guide on how to create an investment account, so you can start investing with ease.

  1. Begin by clicking Accounts

2. Click Add new account

3. Next, select the type of account you need to create

4. Complete the form and then click the Submit button located at the bottom of the page

Once you have created your account, you can check the status of your identity verification on the accounts page. If any documents or other required data are missing, you can upload or enter them there.

I created an account, now what?

After creating your investment account, you'll be ready to start investing. Any accounts listed in the Accounts tab will be available for you to select when going through the investment process.

Your next step is to find an opportunity that aligns with your investment goals. To browse the opportunities of Managers that you've connected with, visit your Portfolio and click on Open Opportunities.

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