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Verivest's Transition FAQ for Investment Managers
Verivest's Transition FAQ for Investment Managers
As we start to make changes to the manager directory, investor portal, and verification services, here is a FAQ to answer your questions.
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How will the Manager manage their investors/investments?

Managers will still utilize the Investment Manager Dashboard, which will now be accessed only through Once at, they will need to login in, click their initials in the upper right of the page and select, “switch to investment manager dashboard”.

How will investors access their user accounts?

Managers will each have a unique link to their profile page they will be able to provide to investors. From there, investors will be able to click a ‘login’ button just like before. Investors will also be able to navigate directly to and login, where they will have access to the same account features as previously. Their account will display their investment with you and across any managers with whom they are invested and who are also using the Verivest platform.

Will the investment process change?

No, the investment process will remain the same. The only difference is that the process will be completed through rather than the white label URL. Managers will still have the ability to access in progress and completed investments in their Investment Manager Dashboard. While in the dashboard, Managers will still be able to manually complete:

  • Accreditation verification

  • Identity verification

  • Sending documents

  • Document countersigning

  • Marking funds as received

  • Completing investments

Will the Manager Directory still exist? Will investors be able to find other Managers and Opportunities on Verivest?

The Manager Directory will be removed from the Verivest site. Investors will only have access to Managers with whom they have existing investments or if a Manager sends the investor their unique profile or opportunity link directly. Managers will be provided with a unique link to their manager profile that they can share with their investors (both active and prospective). The profile link will be<NAME OF MANAGER>.

What communications will Verivest send to my investors?

Verivest will send transactional emails to investors. This may include such communications as:

  • Welcome emails if their account is created offline

  • Automated emails related to any in-progress investments they may have pending

  • Emails notifying them that documentation has been uploaded or statements are ready to view

  • Emails related to completing the administration work for their investments

  • Similar administrative and transactional emails

What will happen to the URL that my Investor Portal currently uses?

The URL that you use for your white label portal will be discontinued. This will include both vanity URLs and the URLs that include ‘’. Investors will need to access your profile and opportunities via the unique pages that will be housed at

If an investor attempts to go to the URL of your white label portal, they will be redirected to[Name of Manager].

If you have a button on your website that directs investors to your Investor Portal, you will want to update this to your profile page link or remove the button.

If a Manager has or wants to use a different White Label, Investor Portal, can they still utilize Verivest for administration services?

Yes. However, the manager will be required to provide Verivest with investor and investment information to be uploaded to the Verivest software. This is required so the Verivest Administration team can utilize the tools to properly administer their services.

Will Managers have the ability to update contact or account information?

Managers will be limited to updating information that only impacts the investment between them and their investments. For example, the Manager will still have the ability to edit the Distribution Preferences.

Consistent with today’s experience, Managers will not have the ability to create or edit user or investment accounts. Instead, Verivest has built a robust Self-Serve Help Center to which Managers may direct their investors so they can create or update their account information on their own. If additional assistance is required, Verivest’s Customer Support Team will be available to assist both Managers and investors.

Will Managers still have the ability to make updates to their Opportunity settings?

Yes, the access Managers have today to make changes will remain. This will include items such as the overview content, opportunity attributes, and displayed images and documents.

As is the case today, if a Manager needs to change how the opportunity is configured or how DocuSign templates are setup, they will need to reach out their Customer Success Manager or the Customer Support Team.

Will Verivest still perform accreditation and identity verification services for investors?

Yes, Verivest will still offer these same services for investors who invest via the Verivest investment flow (which is the same flow currently utilized within white label investor portals). If an investor is onboarded after the execution of subscription documents, Verivest will not be able to perform these services retroactively.

If a Manager already has aspects of their Manager profile verified, will that remain in place?

Yes. Aspects of the Manager profile that are already verified (i.e. Investor Capital Managed and Track Record) will still reflect as verified on the Manager’s profile page if the Manager chooses to allow them to remain (as they will be static). Going forward, managers will be able to add additional assets, but verification of additional assets will no longer be offered.

Managers that are Verivest Verified will remain so, if they continue to agree to have annual background checks run, sign the Verivest Code of Conduct, and pay the current fees associated with being Verivest Verified. If a Manager is currently listed as Verified Gold, they will be reflected as Verivest Verified going forward as Verified Gold will no longer exist.

Does a Manager have to have their profile Verivest Verified to list opportunities or utilize Verivest for administration services?

No, being Verivest Verified is optional for Managers. However, in order to list an opportunity on the platform, that specific opportunity will need to be administered by Verivest, whether or not they are Verified.

If Manager’s have Opportunities listed and tagged as ‘Monitored’ (since this currently means they utilize Verivest for Admin services), will that remain in place?

No, the Monitored tags will be removed. Since all new opportunity listings will be required to utilize Verivest’s administration services going forward, there will no longer be a need to differentiate between “monitored” and “not monitored”.

Can a Manager list an opportunity on their Profile if they are not utilizing Verivest for Fund Administration services?

No, to have a new opportunity listed, it must be utilizing Verivest for administration services.

If a Manager wants to list an opportunity that has already started fundraising, is that possible?

It depends. To determine this, Verivest will need to understand the complexity of the opportunity and the number of reporting periods that have been completed. If the opportunity’s transactions are limited to initial contributions and the manager can transition to QuickBooks Online, Verivest will consider onboarding the opportunity.

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