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Verivest's Transition FAQ for Investors
Verivest's Transition FAQ for Investors
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How do I access my account?

You can access your account via your Investment Manager’s profile link ([Name of Manager]). From there, you will have access to the same account features you currently have. This account will display your investments across any managers who use the Verivest platform. You can use the same login credentials you have been using.

You can also navigate to and login using the same credentials.

Will my access to review my investments and portfolio change?

The format and experience of accessing this information will be the same. The only difference is that you will need to navigate to to access rather than the investor portal url you went to before.

In fact, by having your account on, we will be able to compile all of your investments across different Investment Managers in one place. No more need to login to multiple separate investor portals.

If I want to make an investment, how do I do that?

Each Investment Manager will have their own individual profile page, similar to the investor portal that you have accessed before. If you would like to review the open opportunities from an Investment Manager you know or have made an investment with, you can reach out to them directly or to a member of the Verivest Support team. A unique profile link will be provided to you, where you can see if any open opportunities are available.

Once you have chosen an investment opportunity, the investment steps will be the same as you are used to, just on the Verivest platform. If you need assistance with any of these steps, you can reach out to a member of the Verivest Support team at

How do I find new managers to invest with?

As Verivest focuses on helping Investment Managers create simple, consistent investment opportunities, we will be removing the Verivest Manager Directory. If you are looking for a specific profile, you can reach out to the Verivest Support team or the Investment Manager directly for a link to their page.

Will I still be able to communicate with my Investment Manager after I complete my investment?

Absolutely! The relationship you have with your Investment Manager will not change. You will still have access to them for all of your needs. And Verivest will also be here to assist with any of your technical needs.

On your Investment Manager’s profile page, there will be a ‘Contact Manager’ button that will send an email directly to them. If you are logged into your user account on, under the investments tab, you can click on the name of your Investment Manager and it will take you to their profile page.

If I need assistance with my account or need to make changes to my account, who do I reach out to?

Verivest has created a robust Help Center that will help you navigate your account and make changes on your own. You can access these resources at

If you are not able to find your answer or want additional assistance, you can use the chat function at the bottom right of the Verivest website to reach out to our Support Team.

If your question is related to an investment opportunity you are invested in, you will still be able to reach out directly to the Investment Manager.

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