What is a profile page?

Your profile page is where you are able to share a variety of details pertaining to your Investment firm. Keep in mind the notable attributes of your firm. Adding this information to your profile can help set you apart from other investment managers.

Why should I add a video to my profile?

Adding a video can help close the gap between you and investors who visit your profile by allowing them to get to know your firms abilities and goals, prior to reaching out. We’ve found that Investors are more likely to connect with investment managers who have added a video to their profile due to it providing investors with more background on a firms mission & investment goals.

How will a track record benefit me?

Uploading a track record will help enhance your profile and provide investors with more information on your firms past investments and opportunities. Potential investors will appreciate this level of transparency. Longer track records, allow investors to evaluate the performance of any fund through a complete market cycle. This can help you fund your opportunities quicker, as investors have even more insight in your firms abilities.

Why should I add my team members?

Adding key team members to your profile helps investors get to know your team. You can add basic information like their name and their role within your firm, but there is also the space to add more detail. Doing so can help build relationships with investors, quicker!

Do I need to pay for a background check if I want a principal displayed on my profile?

No. You do not need to pay for a principal’s background check unless you want your profile to be Verivest verified.

How do my investors find my profile page?

Investors can navigate to your profile using your white label profile link (located in your manager portal settings) or they can visit the investments tab in their portal and then click on your investment firm’s name. This will redirect them to your firm’s profile.

How do my investors find my open investment opportunity?

Investors can view your manager profile by clicking on the investments tab and then your investment firms name, in their portal. This will redirect them to your manager profile. From there, they can click on “opportunities” or scroll down to the bottom of the page to view any open opportunities that you may have.

What can my investors see?

Investors can view your profile details. This includes your photos, company overview, track record, team members and any listed opportunities.

Can I list an investment opportunity without engaging Verivest for administration services?

No. Engaging Verivest administration services, is the only way to list an investment on our platform.

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