Do I need to be the manager of the opportunity or the authorized signer for legal documents in order to complete Fund Builder?

No, you do not need to be the manager or authorized signer to fill out the form. The form will change depending on the information you provide.

Do I need to have a property under contract in order to get started with Fund Builder?

No, you do not need to have a property under contract when beginning Fund Builder. However, having a property under contract before starting Fund Builder will help you set the timeline for raising the necessary capital for the opportunity. It also helps set the deadline for investors who will be wiring funds.

Can I save my progress and come back to it later?

You can save your progress and return to it later by clicking the “Exit” button at the top right of the form. When you’re ready to continue, go back to your home page and click “go to Fund Builder”.

Can I edit my fund details after I submit them?

You can edit the details of your fund even after submitting it by clicking on the fund name on your home page. From there, go to the page that requires changes and continue to the next portion of the form. Note that certain changes may require our support, as you cannot make changes after you've fully completed the Fund Builder form.

What types of funds can I create with Fund Builder?

Currently, Fund Builder supports single-asset funds for real estate opportunities. If you are interested in creating a different type of fund structure, you can schedule a meeting with our team using this link.

Do I need to have investors lined up before starting Fund Builder?

No, you do not need to have investors lined up before starting Fund Builder.

Where can I find the opportunity built via Fund Builder?

Once all parties have completed their respective tasks, you will be able to access the opportunity from the "Opportunities" tab located in your manager portal. This will allow you to view and edit the opportunity as needed.

What am I signing, when I “Sign to create my syndication”?

You will be signing the Operating Agreements for each of the entities that will be used to operate your syndication. These agreements outline the terms and conditions for how your syndication will operate, including how profits will be distributed among investors and managers, the roles and responsibilities of each entity involved in the syndication, and the procedures for making key decisions related to the property. By signing these agreements, you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

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