Exporting Investor Account Details

This article will guide you through the process of exporting investor account information from your admin portal.

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As an investment manager, you have the ability to easily download a complete set of your investors' investment account details.

This exported data can be useful for compliance purposes, such as providing data to regulators or auditors. It can also help gather mailing addresses for all investors in situations where your firm needs to mail correspondence to everyone.

To export investor account information please complete the following:

  1. Visit your Manager Dashboard.

  2. Select the Accounts section from the left-hand side menu.

  3. Apply filters to the displayed data to ensure that you only download the required information.
    You can filter based on account type, custom tags, opportunity, accreditation status, or identity verification status.

  4. Click the download button located to the right of the filter button.
    This will should trigger a download of the file to the lower portion of your browser window.

Note that larger exports may take a minute or two to complete.

What Investor Account Details Will Be Included?

The following investor account details will be visible in the exported file:

Name of Record: This is the Account Name, which may be different from the legal name for entities and trusts.

Account Type: This will help you determine whether the investment account is an individual, Joint, Entity, Trust, Retirement, or Brokerage account.

Account Number: This is the Account Number associated with the account within the Verivest platform. There may also be a separate account number for accounts held with a custodian.

Email 1: This is the investor's email.

Email 2: The second email is for Joint Accounts. This will display the second individual’s email that is connected to that account.

TIN: This is the Taxpayer Identification Number for the account.

Phone Number: These phone numbers are associated with the users that are connected to the account. They may not be the phone number(s) for only the owner. For example, these numbers might include the Account Owner and a RIA.

Address: This address is for the account owner, investor one.

Secondary Address: This address is for Joint Accounts. It will display the second signer's address.

City: This displays the city where the investor resides.

Region/State: This information is where the state where the investor resides.

Postal Code: This is the investor's postal code.

Country: Displays the country where the investor resides.

Custodian Address: If the account is a custodied account, you’ll also have the custodian's full address available, including the country in which the custodian resides.

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