Viewing Your Investment Details
This article goes over how to view your investment details
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Your portfolio page is essential for viewing important investment details. To access your investments, click on View Investments in the My Portfolio section of your investor portal.

Clicking View Investments from your Portfolio page will reveal a menu with the following options:

  1. Overview: This section provides a summary of the investment manager, including their investment strategy, performance, and other relevant information.

  2. Opportunities: This section displays any open investment opportunities that the manager currently has available, along with details about the investment, such as investment type, location, and industry.

  3. Investments: This section displays all of your current and past investments with the manager, including transaction history, investment details, and performance.

  4. Documents: This section provides access to all relevant investment documents, such as offering memorandums, subscription agreements, and other legal documents.

  5. Transactions: This section displays all of your investment transactions with the manager, including contributions, distributions, and other related activities.

💡 To learn more about the items in the bulleted list above, please refer to our other help center articles.

Summary of Investments

This page provides a summary of investments, as well as a quick view of active and realized investments. The summary includes your total capital balance, total capital committed, total contributions, total withholdings, and total distributions across all investments with a particular manager.

Active and Realized Investments

The Active and Realized Investments card displays the name of the investment account used for investing, the creation date of the investment, the amount of any distributions, investment amount, capital contributed, and the realization date. You can filter the investments by active or realized to quickly find the investment you want to view.

To gain further insights into your investments, just click on the View Investment button that's located on an investment card listed under Active and Realized Investments.

This section contains several details, including:

  • Investment documents

  • All transactions related to your investment

  • A summary of your investments, including net income

  • Your current distribution preference

  • A breakdown of your holdings

  • Your investment account number (Example: M0000-0000)

You can also make changes to your distribution preference, view the opportunity details of the fund that you’ve invested in.

Investments requiring action

If you have any pending investments you’ll see a Continue Investment button like the one displayed below.

You can also find your investment manager's contact email here. This allows you to quickly get in touch with them whenever you have questions about your investments.

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