Quick Guide: Manager Portal
Quick overview of your manager profile
Written by Aidee Barron
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In this Article we’ll go over the different options available in each section of your Manager Dashboard.

Your manager dashboard consists of 9 different tabs. These options are located on the left-hand side of your portal and are labeled as followed:

  1. Home

  2. Profile

  3. Contacts

  4. Accounts

  5. Investments

  6. Opportunities

  7. Offerings

  8. Reports

  9. Settings

You can access your Manager Dashboard from the Verivest homepage by clicking your initials on the top right corner of the screen and then selecting “switch to Manager Dashboard”. To view more on logging in for the first time, click here.


The Home tab will display your profile views, opportunity views, and any new contact views from the past 90 days.

From here you can also visit our help center, create a new fund via Fund Builder or talk to an expert about launching a Real Estate Fund or Syndication.

💡 Please note that clicking “get started” will launch Fund Builder. Clicking on “talk to an expert” will open a new browser window where you’ll be asked for some additional details. This process should only take about 3 minutes. After you’ve submitted all of the requested information, our sales team will schedule a follow-up with you, to further discuss your plans.


From the Profile tab, you can edit your manager/firm's profile page. There are several options available, including:

  • Editing your “Overview” (a brief description of your firm and links to your social media) -Preview your profile (allows you to view your profile as an investor)

  • Add banner images, opportunity photos & videos

  • Edit your firm's “Details” which allows all potential investors to see which markets you have opportunities in, minimum investment amounts, asset acquisition strategies, property types that your firm invests in, & much more!

  • Add your firm's “Track record” (a list of records that go over key financial metrics for any or all assets your firm has deployed capital into)

  • Add team members & principals from your firm

To read more about profile options click here.


The contacts tab allows you to view and export contact information for investors that have either invested or viewed your manager profile.

When clicking into a specific contact, you’ll see all contact information that is available for that investor. This includes a phone number & email. You will also see a brief summary of any actions the contact took while viewing your firm's profile or opportunities.

With this information, you’ll be able to easily reach out to listed contacts to further discuss your listed opportunities.


From the accounts tab, you will see a summary of your investors’ accounts, their Accreditation, and the status of their identity verification.

Completed investments can also be found in the accounts page. You’ll be able to view the details for all completed investments, send documents to investors(download past documents), set distribution preferences, and view investor transactions.

To easily find accounts that you need to manage, use the filter options, located at the top right of the accounts page. You can filter by account type, accreditation status, etc..

You can also edit investor distribution preferences. Investors can also update their preference on their own. Click here to view and share the article with investors.

To read more on accounts click here.


From the investments page, you’ll be able to view all pending and completed investments. There’s also a checklist called “investment progress” so that you can easily track the progress of each investment. Reviewing this checklist will quickly inform you if any of your investors have pending items that need attention.

To read more about investments click here.


From the opportunities page, you can manage all of the opportunities that your firm has listed. You’ll also be able to quickly view how many times a specific opportunity has been viewed by investors, modify the funding instructions, upload investment documents, change your opportunities visibility or its status.

Each opportunity can be listed with photos, a description and several other attributes. To promote transparency between managers and investors, we recommend adding as much detail possible to any listed opportunities.

To read more on opportunities click here.


🗣 The Offerings section is critical to the work that our fund administration team performs. If you are wanting to make changes or take any actions in this section, please connect with our Support team or your fund accountant before processing items in the Offerings section of your portal.

From the offerings tab, you can view, process or export redemptions, view securities or exchanges. You can also process allocations, distributions, and upload statements or documents.

To read more on offerings click here.


From the reports tab, you can create custom reports to review or export investment data. This is also where reports that were previously generated are housed.

To read more on reports click here.


From the Settings tab, you can edit your support email, copy your profile link to quickly share it with investors, edit your profile URL, grant us DocuSign access (for subscription agreements), add a statement logo/photo, or set up an integration with Hubspot.

The Billing section housed inside of the Settings tab gives you visibility to billing details and invoices. As the manager, you will see the opportunities that are being billed.

To view more on settings click here.

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