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Investment Progress checklist
Investment Progress checklist

This article covers the investment checklist and the actions that can be completed from it.

Written by Aidee Barron
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The Manager Portal provides an Investment Progress List that displays the status of all investments. This article explains each category and the actions that can be taken from the Investment Progress List.

To view the investment Progress List pictured below, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Admin Portal

  2. Click on "Investments"

  3. Select an investment to view

  4. Review the data provided in the Progress List to see what other actions are required by you or your investors

From this list, you can view the following details or complete the following actions:

View when a pledge was created

View an Investors Identity verification or manually verify an investors Identity verification

After clicking "manually verify," you will be able to upload supporting documentation.

Here is a overview of the entire manual identity verification process

Verify if a distribution preference has been added to the investment by the investor

Managers are unable to edit or change an investor's distribution preference until the investor has added a preference. If there is no preference listed and the investor is unable to add a preference via their portal, please contact our support team.

Verify if funding information has been added

This step indicates whether an investor has selected their preferred method of funding their pledge. The available options include wire transfer, ACH, or check.

View an Investors Accredited status or manually verify an investors accreditation status

Admins have the ability to verify an investor's accreditation status directly from the investment progress checklist. To manually verify an investor's accreditation status, click on "manually verify" and upload any supporting documentation provided by the investor or their CPA.

Verify if subscription documents have been sent or manually send documents

If documents have been sent, you’ll see a screen similar to the one pictured below

If subscription documents have not been sent, you will see a screen similar to the one pictured below.

You can send subscription documents directly from the investment progress list.

After sending the subscription documents, you will be able to see when the investor has signed them, and when it is your firm's turn to sign.

Confirm that funds have been received

Please note that confirming "funds received by manager" cannot be reversed.

Marking An Investment As Completed

Once you have completed all other steps covered in this article and confirmed that the manager has received the funds, you can mark the investment as completed.

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