This Article covers the options available in the Profile section of your portal.

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The Profile section of your dashboard gives investors important information about your company and what it aims to do. So, make sure to include as many relevant details as you can.

There are several customization options available, such as:

  • Editing your Company Name

  • Adding a Profile Logo

  • Adding Team Members & Principals

  • Providing a Company Overview (a brief description of your firm and links to your social media)

  • Adding Photos & Videos

  • Including your firm's "Track record" (a list of records that highlight key financial metrics for the assets your firm has invested in)

  • Previewing your profile (allows you to view your profile as an investor)

  • Editing your firm's "Details" which allows potential investors to see the markets you operate in, minimum investment amounts, asset acquisition strategies, property types, and more!

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