UNCAT Cash Support FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Should I still email or upload support?

Nope, you can wait until you receive the Magic Link and directly update the transaction descriptions and support. This helps ensure that every transaction is correctly allocated, and there are no extra steps needed to send us support.

How will I know which period-end reports to send?

For now, check out your Uncat dashboard to see a message with the requested reports, then email them to your Verivest distribution list.

Coming soon, check the Communications tab on your Uncat dashboard to see a line for each requested report. Simply attach the report and Save Updates. You'll see "Waiting on approval" until your accounting team accepts the report.

What if I have questions about a transaction, or general questions while I'm looking at my transactions? Do I have to send an email?

Nope, for questions about a specific transaction just click the comment field in that line to communicate with your accounting team about it.

Coming soon, you can use the Accountant Chat tab on your Uncat dashboard to communicate about general questions with your accounting team.

Will I still use Egnyte?

Verivest will still use Egnyte as our file-sharing program, and financial reports will continue to be sent via Egnyte link.

The Financial Support folder may be used to upload any documents you’d like to submit in addition to transaction support; your accounting team will move them as appropriate. Please do not upload to any other Egnyte folders, regardless of prior use.

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