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Transferring Investor Holdings
Transferring Investor Holdings

This article goes over the process of transferring investor holdings to another account.

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What is a Transfer?

A transfer is the moving of investor holdings from one account to another account in the investor portal. Transfers are done for a variety of reasons, such as death, divorce, change in account type or moving funds from one IRA Custodian to another.

When can a transfer be processed?

Timing is key. A transfer should not be processed until the prior period is closed. This is to ensure the number of units shown on the new Subscription Agreement and/or transfer agreement is accurate on the effective date of the transfer.

What documentation is required?

  • Before starting this process, ensure that the investor has created a new account. If the investor encounters any issues, managers can create the account from their dashboard.

⭐Custodied Accounts: Before initiating a transfer, contact the Custodian of the investment to confirm their process and requirements for transfers. The process may differ depending on Custodian and/or account type.

Next Steps

To initiate the transfer, send the executed transfer agreement and account number for the new account to your Fund Administration team for processing. If you are unsure how to contact your assigned Fund Admin team, please send the completed form to

Please be sure to include the account number which always starts with an “M” (Example: M6642-xxxx)

Investors can locate an account number by visiting the Investments tab. Investment Managers can also view an account number (M#) from their dashboards under Accounts.

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