Deleting an Investment
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If the investor has already received or signed their subscription documents, you will need to void the DocuSign envelope or remove the uploaded completed subscription documents in order to delete the investment.

Another obstacle that can prevent you from deleting an investment is if a contribution has already been entered into the platform. Adding a contribution confirms that the pledged funds were received and the investment is complete. This article will also cover how to reverse a contribution.

Voiding Subscription Documents

  1. Click on investments from your portal

  2. Locate the pledge you need to delete

  3. Verify if subscription documents have been sent or signed

  4. Click "void" to void the subscription documents

  5. Confirm that you want to void the documents by typing "VOID DOCUMENTS"

  6. Click void docusign

Note: If you have uploaded subscription documents that were executed offline but need to update the commitment amount, please delete the uploaded documents. After deleting them, you will be able to delete the investment.

7. Click delete

Reversing a contribution

If a contribution has already been added, you’ll need to reverse the contribution.

  1. Visit the investments tab in your dashboard

2. Select the investment

3. 2. Click on the "X" to reverse the contribution

After you have removed the contribution contact so that they can reverse the confirmation that funds were received.

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