You can customize your investor portal and connect your Hubspot account from the Settings page in the manager dashboard.
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You can access the manager settings from the Settings page in the manager dashboard.

From here, you can upload a photo to display on statements sent to investors, view billing information and connect your HubSpot account to your Verivest investor portal.

The Billing section housed inside of the Settings tab gives you visibility to Billing details and invoices. As the manager, you will see the opportunities that are being billed.

Sharing your profile with investors

You may access your profile link by following the steps below:

  1. Click settings

2. Copy your manager profile URL by either highlighting the manager profile URL or clicking on the icon

3. Now just paste that copied link into an email, text, or any other messaging platform to share your profile with current or potential investors!

Adding a photo to investor statements:

Drag and drop your desired image into the “print logo” field. This image will appear on investor statements.

💡 To learn more about integrating with Hubspot click here.

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