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This article provides an overview of the different sections and capabilities available within the Manager Dashboard.

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The Manager Dashboard is a comprehensive tool designed to assist managers in effectively managing their investment projects. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities.

The dashboard is divided into nine sections, which can be found in the left-hand menu: Home, Profile, Contacts, Accounts, Investments, Opportunities, Offerings, Reports, and Settings.

Accessing the Manager Dashboard

To access your Manager Dashboard, you will need the custom profile link assigned to your firm. This link can be found in the portal invitation you received via email. If you have trouble finding the link, you can reach out to a team member or contact our Support team for assistance. For detailed instructions on logging in, click here.


The Home tab provides an overview of your profile views, opportunity views, and new contact views from the past 90 days. Additionally, you can access our help center or get in touch with our Support team.


The Profile tab allows you to edit your manager/firm's profile page. Here, you can customize your firm's overview, preview your profile as an investor, add banner images, opportunity photos and videos, provide details about your firm's investment strategies, and showcase your track record. For more information on profile customization options, click here.


The Contacts tab enables you to view and export contact information for investors who have invested or viewed your manager profile. You can easily reach out to contacts to discuss your listed opportunities.


In the Accounts tab of the Manager Dashboard, you can access a summary of your investors' accounts, including their accreditation status and progress of identity verification. You will also be able to view completed investments or investment documents, set distribution preferences, and review investor transactions. The filter options in this tab allow you to efficiently manage accounts based on specific criteria. To get more information on managing accounts, you can visit here.

Investors can also update their preferences independently. You can find more details and share the article with investors by clicking here.


The Investments page displays all pending and completed investments. The investment progress checklist helps you track the status of each investment and identify any pending tasks. For detailed information on managing investments, click here.


On the Opportunities page, you can manage the opportunities listed by your firm. You have the ability to view opportunity metrics, modify funding instructions, upload investment documents, and control visibility and status. To learn more about managing opportunities, click here.


The Offerings section is designed for our fund administration team's critical work. If you need to make any changes or take actions in this section, please consult our Support team or your fund accountant.

The Offerings tab allows you to view, process, and export redemptions, view securities or exchanges, process allocations and distributions, and upload statements or documents. Detailed information on offerings can be found here.


The Reports tab enables you to create custom reports for reviewing or exporting investment data. It also provides access to previously generated reports. For more information on generating reports, click here.


From Settings, you can manage various configurations. You can edit your support email, copy your profile link to share with investors, customize your profile URL, grant DocuSign access for subscription agreements, add a statement logo or photo, and set up integrations with Hubspot. To learn more about settings, click here.

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